5 (grown up) kids, 1 Van, 3500 Km, 6 Countries, 9 Venues, a lot of people, a border Policeman… This time I decided to bring my “being a photographer” with me, but hanging out with a band on tour only allows limited equipment… and this is what came out

LinTour 2016 – a Skate Punk Band’sTour (photo and video) ...

Virtual Tour Street View | Trusted per Valentino
Valentino is one of those names that needs no presentation. Everybody knows his style and the firm that he created. So, let’s move it to a graphical stage: imagine his high quality super stylish and cutting edge creations; set yourself into piazza di Spagna in the magical and dreamy Rome; […]

Virtual Tour Valentino FlagShip Store Rome

Virtual Tour Galleria56-Corsi
Here’s an Invite for you, to visit the First Monographic Exposition about Carlo Corsi I love Art. Definitely as much as I love Music and Cultures. It’s something that I developed around twelve and that led me to become curious and passionate about people’s life and creation.   It’s no surprise […]

Carlo Corsi’s First Monographic Exposition’s Virtual Tour

“On this first cold day of December, Dying Scene delights us with the brand new video by the Bologna based skate punk band “Linterno”…” And this is how the net is calling the news. http://dyingscene.com/news/linterno-punk-premiere-music-video-for-outatime/ On another cold day (of February…) the band (in which I play guitar and sing) spent […]

Video premiere for Linterno’s “Outatime” on Dying Scene

In a cold february weekend a lion wakes up and… no. There’s no gazelle. Indeed, the lion is not the point either. Let’s try again: in a cold february weekend Claudio Stanghellini and I have shot a video. A video about home, warmth and love… shot among houses (more or less occupied), […]

The Ties and the Lies – Home is where the ...

Those who are subscribers of an Adobe Creative Cloud will definitely know Behance (here my profile) and have surely played around, or actually created their website on their Prosite platform(click here to see my former website). Although it had several limitations, its ability to sync Projects (and the “Work in Progress” that most Creatives […]

Prosite is dead, long live Adobe Portfolio

Il Virtual Tour ed il Servizio Fotografico di Odontoiatri Associati a Bentivoglio (Bologna), realizzati con tecnologia Street View | Certificato da – Lorenzo Piano Fotografo Certificato Google BolognaEd ecco alcune immagini del Servizio Fotografico realizzato per la loro scheda Google+ Local (clicca qui per visualizzarla) #GoogleStreetViewTrusted #FotografoCertificatoGoogle #Google #FotografoCertificato #Bologna #FotografoGoogle #VirtualTour #StreetViewCertificato[tags dentisti]

Odontoiatri Associati – Bentivoglio – Bologna

Tunnel Madou - Bruxelles - The RangeFinder Trip
2 Thirties, 1 station wagon, 15 days, 3200 km, 2 ferries, 7 nations, 15 cities, an undefinite number of tripmates/hitchhikers, 8 between more or less free couches and beds, 2 Passports, 1 tablet and 1 … “almost-Rangefinder” Camera. The RangeFinder trip – Aug, 10 2013 One year and a half […]

RangeFinder Trip – Bruxelles

Take some Choux Pastry, icing sugar, Liqueurs – Di Saronno or Vecchia Romagna if possible, some ready-to-be-smashed chocolate bars, pistacchios, a vanilla bean and dome almonds. Take care that no one in the studio is allargic to any of those ingredients and, while studying the brief with the client, keep everyone away from liqueurs […]

Photographic recipe for 12 confectionery preparations in a rainy november day

Motoplex Mantova by Lorenzo Piano
Oggi vi porto a visitare il Virtual Tour ed il Servizio Fotografico di Motoplex, Piaggio Concept Store a Mantova, realizzato con tecnologia Street View da Google Maps Business View Bologna | Bo360.it – Lorenzo Piano Fotografo Certificato Google Bologna Ed ecco alcune immagini del Servizio Fotografico realizzato per la loro […]

Motoplex – Piaggio Concept Store – Mantova

Lolita-Lorenzo on AHA-Life
One of my customers sends me an email stating: “Featured on AHALife.com’s best holiday gifts” with one of my Still Life Pictures right in the middle: http://bit.ly/1rYqm6V Have a nice Week End

Featured on AHA Life

In the early days of this summer, when nobody was aware of how dissimilar from the wonderful season we all are used to enjoy, me and Claudio Stanghellini drove our equipment in Romagna to shot the brand new video of Italian Punk Rock Heroes: the Marsh Mallows. Alluminum Dust, thousands […]

Marsh Mallows’ new video Released: Ciò che non mi va