From Plan to Progress… Shooting Afternoon

Today I had a busy afternoon. The assignment was for “No Reason Records” and the subject was the British band “From Plan to Progress”. Mine was a double role: photographer and director of photography for the video shooting of their new song “Ink Stains and Incidents”, directed by my friend Stanga. There were two locations and both offered multiple situations. We started everything at the XM 24 in the suburbs of Bologna. The schedule propted us the first scenes of the video: EXT – XM24 – Afternoon. I put the set in complete backlight (photographers’ mania) and prepared some reflecting panels to control the light. While the shooting was proceeding I set up my set nearby and took some pictures of the video shooting.  Then the schedule went on: EXT – XM24 – Late Afternoon, it was time to do some photography. Working with this band has been great. I had 3 different locations around the squat and we’ve been able to get good photos from each of them.

As soon as we were done with the pictures it was time to move towards the studio for the final takes of the video, for the shooting on white backdrop and to feed the band.

The video set up was quite easy as on a studio the light is exactly what you want with no parasite light coming from anywhere. Stanga and I had the time to shoot each member of the band separately as both of us needed this kind of situation. And to conclude I had half an our to shot all of them on the white backdrop in a light usually used for fashion. In the end the band started joking on the set and I had the opportunity to get this last picture.

About Lorenzo Piano

Sono un fotografo professionista di Bologna, spesso in viaggio per l'europa centrale per realizzare i miei servizi. Attraverso gli anni ho svolto ogni tipo di ingaggio, dai matrimoni e la ritrattistica alla fotografia aziendale e industriale, dall'editoriale e di reportage al fashion e glamour, dalla fotografia architettonica e 360° al food e still life, sviluppando uno stile specifico e padronanza dei mezzi. Recentemente sono stato selezionato e certificato da Google per realizzare la copertura dell'area  Regionale di Bologna per il suo programma Google Street View | Trusted. Sono socio dell'AIRF (Associazione Italiana Reporters Fotografi).