One of my customers sends me an email stating: “Featured on’s best holiday gifts” with one of my Still Life Pictures right in the middle: Have a nice Week End

Featured on AHA Life

Promo Royal Enfield Royal McQueen Bologna
Being a Google Trusted Photographer leads me to meet a lot of enterprenours in the Bologna area (and sometimes all over the region). Most of them are just interested in having a great Virtual Tour on their Google+ Pages and some good pictures to update their website and social media pages. But there's a few […]

Royal Enfield Promo

The picture I'm posting today is a fast edit of one of the pictures that will be used for an ad. They asked me to shoot some client made Ice Cream and I figured out that a good way to have it look interesting was shooting the way you can see here. I'm sorry for […]

Ice cream balls

Being born in this area, I'm always happy to come back for work. I was hired by a web agency to produce some pictures for the new website of a restaurant in Milan. During the briefing I realized that the time available to shoot for the number of pictures/subject required wasn't enough for one person, […]

Milan’s Restaurant

As many graphics and photographers know, advertising works with a three season advance. This means that for us Saint Valentino is on september and Christmas is on june... and for the transitive property ice creams are on february... brrrrr.

Ice cream on february

Once againI've been at "Impero" to shoot some cakes for their new advertising.  The one I'm posting here today is one I loved shooting because of its name and the idea that generated the shot. Its name is "Mr Honore" and those cream puffs are supposed to be this big chef's buttons line. Enjoy (I did!)

Cakes and… cakes

The Magic Forest
 The Job: 4 Cakes The situation: The second cake, an autumnal set and a halloweenian atmosphere. The long wait for the subject to defrost and a small placeholder for the descriptive pie. Then, a customer brings away the confectioner: A blue and a CTO gel fly right on the strobes. The result is a picture […]

The Magic Forest

The cooperative who runs the Impero Cafe and Confictionery hired me for a shooting of the confictionary's chef and deputy. The shooting took us almost an hour to set up 4 different situations all completely strobe lit. The two chefs have been very kind and it all went through smootly althought there wasn't enough room […]

Maitres Patissiers’ Shooting