Promo Royal Enfield Royal McQueen Bologna
Being a Google Trusted Photographer leads me to meet a lot of enterprenours in the Bologna area (and sometimes all over the region). Most of them are just interested in having a great Virtual Tour on their Google+ Pages and some good pictures to update their website and social media pages. But there's a few […]

Royal Enfield Promo

Linterno European Tour Promo Shooting
Here's the new year and here we start with new shootings for 2013. Linterno, well known Punk Hard Core band in Bologna has completed booking its next european tour. The 5 felsineans are going to play in several stages across europe starting may 3 and, upon request by promoters, decided to pose for promotional posters […]

Linterno shooting and European Tour promo

Linterno Promo Shooting
Taking pictures of bands has always been my aim and one of the things that introduced me to serious photography back in 2002. I love it as much as playing guitar in my band. So, when your band is approaching the release of a new record you know that it's time to enter the photo studio […]

Linterno Promo Shooting