"On this first cold day of December, Dying Scene delights us with the brand new video by the Bologna based skate punk band "Linterno"..." And this is how the net is calling the news. On another cold day (of February...) the band (in which I play guitar and sing) spent a couple of days around our […]

Video premiere for Linterno’s “Outatime” on Dying Scene

In a cold february weekend a lion wakes up and... no. There's no gazelle. Indeed, the lion is not the point either. Let's try again: in a cold february weekend Claudio Stanghellini and I have shot a video. A video about home, warmth and love... shot among houses (more or less occupied), venues (more or less recognizable) […]

The Ties and the Lies – Home is where the ...

I wrote about this few days ago and finally here is how the story goes on: Three days ago Tim Vantol updated his facebook status... So during our stay in Italy we had the honor to work with the 2 great guys Claudio Stanga Stanghellini and Lorenzo Piano, who shot an awesome video of Bitter Morning Taste. […]

Tim Vantol’s Video released

Finally Altre di B's Video is online Just like the last time, shooting was held in impervious weather conditions (Remember the video we did for Whales' Island?), across the city and on its white hills. As usual, I've been in charge for direction of photography and shooting. The storyboard follows tightly the song's lyrics, telling the story of […]

Altre di B’s Video Release

While springtime seems finally on the way, Stanga, is spending the best days of this winter editing on his workstation. One month and 20° centigrades away from the shooting days in early february our stakanovist is almost ready with the final cut of Whales' Island "Opening Words" Video. To cut the wait, he even spent some […]

Whales’ Island Video Teaser

In the middle of the winter, while Bologna is facing one of the most aboundant snow falls of the past 100 years, "Whales' Island", Sicily's pride, met in the city to shoot the video of their "Opening Words" from new EP "Chronicles of Pretenders"; Stanga, enrolled as director, entrusted me the role of Director of Photography. We […]

Whales’ Island Video Shooting

Linterno - Failing Time
Finally it's out! Few hours and it's already over 100 views. If I think back to the shooting days, being the director of fotography in a video you act in is far easier than be the photographer of your own band's promo shooting. And there are all the pros of team working! Enjoy!!!

Linterno – New Video out NOW!!!